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Ministries at Saint Lucy's

St. Lucy's offers many opportunities for anyone interested in making more of a personal contribution to the life of the parish and of the community.  These can roughly be grouped into three categories: 
  • volunteering to help in one of the parish's various outreach programs to the near west side
  • assisting in the parish's pastoral work and liturgical celebrations
  • becoming a member of one of the parish's standing committees.
The slide shows below give a glimpse of that work.  For more information on specific ministries, visit the pages that follow this one.

Bread of Life lunches are about more than just food.

And athletics isn't just about basketball . . .

A great wound in our society is the lack of adults (especially males) investing in the lives of our youth (especially boys). Our athletics ministry connects adults with youth in a coach-player relationship. The primary job of the coach is to respect and encourage the players; the primary job of the player is to build strength, skill, and character in themselves and (through teamwork) in one another.  It is the intrinsic challenges of the game (such as coming to practice, setting personal and team goals, overcoming adversity, practicing sportsmanship, playing as a team) that help young people become strong and compassionate men and women.

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