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​St. Lucy's Outreach Ministries

Saint Lucy's is home to several ministries devoted to helping our community by providing nutritional support, low-cost clothing from the Agape Shop, and much more

food pantry

Our mission at the pantry is to respond to God's call to share bread with brothers and sisters from St. Lucy's neighborhood with kindness and respect.  Because of the negative stereotypes and judgments associated with asking for help, it is much easier to give away food than it is to receive food.  Therefore we seek to welcome all who come through our doors and to offer them hospitality. We want them to be able to make choices much as they do at a grocery store. 


Contact:  Murray Gould.  Call 424-0023 or send an email to pantry@saintlucys.orgl.  

bread of life

Bread of Life offers a nutritious, homemade lunch to anyone hungry for food and/or friendship.  Our goal is to develop deeper ties of trust and communication in the simple acts of preparing and sharing a meal together.  Through this commitment to relationships we seek to help people find power and hope within themselves and within their community. 

​​​​​Contact:  Chris Toomey or Mary Mahoney

agape shop

The Agape Shop is located in the basement of the former St. Lucy's school.  Through donations and contributed off-season merchandise of local stores, we are able to offer clothing, shoes, household items, and toys at minimal cost to those who shop at the store.  Our volunteers help sort and display donations, as well as assist our customers. 

Contact:  Mary Beth Henneberry - 315-446-1540

Belden Street & Rescue Mission

Be part of a rotating team to serve coffee and donuts to the residents of the Belden Street apartments and men living at the Rescue Mission.

Suspended at present due to Covid-19.

Contact:  Beverly Vinette

Catholic Worker on Wheels

Delivering hot breakfasts to the homeless

Meeting other needs (e.g. transportation, clothing) as they arise.​


Contact:  Paul Wittjung - 479-9994 or

athletic ministry

Help coach young people in a way that encourages them to realize their potential, both individually and as part of a team.  

Suspended at present due to Covid-19.

Contact:  Marty Murray - 727-7467

Christmas Give-Away

Help with a Christmas gift give-away program to roughly 350 families living on the West Side.  . 

Contact:  Marie Rothbaler

Stone Soup Garden

Help plant and care for the community garden that serves the neighborhood. 

Contact:  Emily Nisco Frank

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